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Convert your material into a pavement pattern. The Pavement filter includes a number of options to change the style of pattern quickly and easily.

An example of the Pavement filter.


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Basic parameters

  • Random Seed
    The random seed determines the random values of other parameters that use randomness in this filter.
  • Base Material Scale: 0-1 
    Control the scale of the material used in each brick
  • Brick Spacing: 0-1
    Modify the amount of space between bricks
  • Corner Roundness: 0-1
    Make the corners of bricks more or less rounded.
  • Edge Roundness: 0-1
    Smooth the edges of bricks to make them appear more worn from use
  • Tilt Intensity: 0-1
    Change the strength of the random tilt applied to each brick
  • Random Elevation Intensity: 0-1
    Modify the height variation of bricks relative to each other.


Each pattern has a different set of parameters available that will appear when the pattern is select in Pattern Type. Experiment with parameters to see the effect.

  • Pattern Type:
    Select the pattern to lay the bricks.


  • Joint Height: 0-1
    Modify the height of the material between bricks
  • Joint Width: 0-1
    Adjust how far the material between bricks overlaps the edges of bricks
  • Joint Width Variation: 0-1
    Adjust the randomness of the Joint Width
  • Joint Luminosity: 0-1
    Modify the appearance of the material between bricks. This can be useful for masking purposes.

Advanced parameters

  • Surface Intensity: 0-1
    Control the strength of the normals for surface deformations like cracks or dents.
  • Surface Size (cm): 0-1000
    Adjust the physical size represented by the material
  • Surface Height Scale (cm): 0-1000
    Change the physical space represented by the height map
  • Surface Smoothness: 0-1
    Control the amount of variation and detail in the surface
  • Surface Poke: 0-1
    Add damage or variation to the surface by modifying the height and normals at random
  • Surface Poke Mask Threshold: 0-1
    Modify the threshold of the mask used to control Surface Poke
  • Enable Scalemap: toggle
    Use a scalemap to adjust the size of bricks based on their position
  • Scalemap Intensity: 0-1
    Adjust how much the scalemap impacts the scale of bricks.