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Add a pattern to your material from one of the available options, or use an image or brush to customize your own.

An example of the Pattern filter applied to denim.


Basic parameters

  • Random Seed: 0-1
    The random seed determines the random values of other parameters that use randomness in this filter.
  • Pattern Selection
    Select a pattern style from dozens of options
  • Pattern Color: color select
    Select the color of the pattern
  • Pattern Tile: 1-16
    Adjust how many times the pattern is repeated
  • Pattern Rotation
    Rotate the pattern - Rotation automatically snaps to certain angles to allow the pattern to tile correctly.
  • Invert Pattern;
    Invert where color is applied based on the pattern
  • Custom Pattern: toggle
    Enable to replace the Pattern Selection with a custom pattern that you can paint or import from an image. Enabling Custom Pattern will make the Custom pattern section visible.
    • Grayscale: toggle
      Toggle whether to make the custom pattern grayscale or multicolored. Disable Grayscale to enable controls under Custom Pattern to select colors.

Custom Pattern

This is only visible if Basic parameters > Custom Pattern is enabled.

  • Pick Color 1-4: color select - only visible if Basic Parameters > Custom Pattern is enabled and  Basic Parameters > Grayscale is disabled
    Select the colors that make up your custom pattern. 
  • Custom Pattern: image/brush
    Use the brush to paint the pattern directly within the 2D view, or import an image to use as the pattern.

Pattern Details

  • Pattern Blur: 0-1
    Blur the edges of the pattern
  • Override Material Details: 0-1
    Modify how the pattern blends with the material. A high value will replace the material's roughness, height, and normals, with values from the pattern.
  • Override Pattern Roughness: toggle
  • Override Pattern Metallic: toggle
  • Override Pattern Normal: toggle