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Convert your material into a parquet floor.

A wood material converted into a parquet pattern with the Parquet filter.



Use presets to quickly change parameters to see different styles of parquet floor.

Basic parameters

  • Random Seed:
    The random seed determines the random values of other parameters that use randomness in this filter.
  • Pattern Type
    Select the parquet pattern
  • X Amount: 1-30
    Change the number of planks on the X axis
  • Y Amount: 1-30
    Change the number of planks on the Y axis
  • Seam Distance: 0-1
    Modify the distance of the bevel around the seams of planks
  • Planks Variation: 0-1
    Automatically vary color and roughness of each plank


  • English Pattern Offset: 0-1 (This parameter is only available if Basic parameters > Pattern Type is set to English)
    Change the offset of each row of planks from the previous row
  • Seam Intensity: 0-1
    Adjust the normals of the seams between planks to make them more or less noticeable
  • Seam Bevel Curve: 0-1
    Modify the width of the bevel between planks
  • Seam Height Range: 0-1
    Adjust the height of the seams
  • Planks Normal Rotation Variation: 0-1
    Vary the angle of each plank by a random amount
  • Planks Roughness Variation: 0-1
    Randomly vary the roughness of each plank.