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Convert your material into panels. The Panels filter is particularly well suited to metal materials.

A continuous metal material converted into panels.



Use presets to quickly modify parameters to create a specific effect.

Basic parameters

  • Random Seed:
    The random seed determines the random values of other parameters that use randomness in this filter.
  • X Amount: 0-20
    Change the number of panels in the X axis
  • Y Amount: 0-20
    Change the number of panels in the Y axis
  • Seam Type
    Select different styles of seams between panels
  • Use Fasteners:
    Add fasteners between panels. When enabled the Fasteners section will appear in the list of parameters.


  • Offset Amount: 0-1
    Offset each row of panels from the preceding row by a percentage of the panel size.
  • Offset Random: 0-1
    Add a random value to the offset of each row
  • Vertical Offset: toggle
    Switch between horizontal offset and vertical offset.
  • Bulging Tension: -1 to 1
    Modify the normals of each panel to make it appear as if the panel is bulging inwards or outwards due to pressure.
  • Wrinkles: 0-1
    Add subtle dents and wrinkles to panels
  • Color Variation: 0-1
    Vary the color between individual panels randomly
  • Reflection Variation: 0-1
    Vary the roughness of individual panels randomly


The selection of parameters in this section depends on which value you have chosen in Basic parameters > Seam Type.

  • Gap
    • Seam Width: 0-1
      Modify the width between panel
    • Gap Variation: 0-1
      Offset panels by a small amount to make the gaps between panels vary in width
    • Gap Corner Rounding: 0-1
      Round the edges of panels
    • Gap Bevel: 0-1
      Bevel the edges of panels
  • Weld
    • Seam Width: 0-1
      Modify the width between panels
    • Weld Quality: 0-1
      Adjust the uniformity of the weld
    • Weld Discoloration: 0-1
      Modify the amount of discoloration of the weld compared to the color of the panels.
    • Replace Weld Material: toggle
      Enable to customize the material used to create the weld. The following additional parameters will appear if this is enabled:
      • Weld Material Color: color select
        Select the color of the weld. This will still be impacted by Weld Discoloration.
      • Weld Material Roughness: 0-1
        Adjust the roughness of the weld seam between panels
  • Overlap
    • Seam Width: 0-1
      Modify the width between panels
  • Standing Seam
    • Seam Width: 0-1
      Modify the width between panels


  • Fastener Type:
    Select the style of fastener to use between panels
  • Fastener Amount: 3-10
    Change the number of fasteners to use along the edge between any two panels.
  • Fastener Size: 0-1
    Modify the size of the fasteners
  • Fastener Variation: 0-1
    Offset the position of the fasteners
  • Replace Fastener Material: toggle
    Modify the material used for fasteners separately from the base material. When enabled, the following parameters appear:
    • Fastener Material Color: color select
      Select the color of the fastener material
    • Fastener Material Roughness: 0-1
      Modify the roughness of the the fastener material


  • Normal Intensity: 0-3
    Adjust the overall normal intensity of the material
  • Seams Height Range: 0-1
    Modify how high the custom seams elevate above the panels
  • Fastener Height Range: 0-1
    Modify the height of the fasteners
  • AO Height Depth: 0-1
    Change the strength of the AO
  • AO Radius: 0-1
    Modify the radius of the AO