2021-06-23_11-54-34_Paint Brush

The Paint tool helps you create and retouch images to be used as an image parameter of specific layers.


Next to an image parameter, click on the Paint icon to activate the Paint tool in the 2D view.

The Paint tool is activated by default when adding Image Content-Aware Fill or Material Content-Aware Fill layers in your stack.


The toolbar will display the following shortcuts:

  • Brush color: Greyscale value of the stamps

  • Brush size: Controls how big the stamps inside a brushstroke will be.

  • Reset: reset your on-going painting

The hardness of the brush is fixed at 100%


By default, the painting tiles. It means when your brush stroke hits a border of your texture, it will paint on the opposite border.


ActionWindows + LinuxMacOs
Increase Brush Size] or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel] or Cmd + Mouse Wheel
Decrease Brush Size[ or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel[ or Cmd + Mouse Wheel
Inverse Brush ColorXX