2021-06-23_11-49-45_Multiangle To Material

The Multiangle to Material template creates a material from 2 to 8 input images taken under specific light conditions. Such light conditions can be achieved with a material scanner.

You can find more information on how to create your own material scanner in this article.


Here is an example of a material created from 8 input images:

  • The first 8 images are the scan images taken under 8 light angles.
  • The bottom images are the outputs of the template (base color, normal, height, metallic, and roughness).

Alchemist Configuration

There are 3 things to set and configure to be sure the PBR channels will be extracted correctly:

  • Order of your scan images
  • The first input light angle
  • the next input light angle

Order of you scan images

When importing your images, verify in the Image Import Layer, that the 8 images are consecutive.

For example, the first image at 0° should be scan1 then the image at 45° should be scan2 ... then the image at 315° should be scan8

First and Next light angle

In the Multiangle to Material layer:

  • Set First Input Light Angle. If your scan1 is at 180°, the first input light angle =0.5 or if your scan1 is at 0°, the first input light angle = 0
  • Set Next Input Light Angle: It defines the direction of the rotation of your image. If scan1 is 0°, scan2 45°... the value is Counterclockwise