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Invert individual channels of the material.

In the images below you can see the impact of inverting the roughness channel of a tile material.

Before inverting, the tiles are shiny and reflect the environment light clearly.

After inverting, the tiles are matte and don't have strong specular highlights.


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Basic parameters

Each channel can be inverted independently through use of a toggle. Enable the toggle to invert the channel. If results aren't visible in the 3D view, select the channel at the bottom of the 2D view to see the impact.


  • Use Custom Mask: toggle
    Enable or disable the use of a custom mask. If enabled the following parameters appear:
    • Mask: image/brush
      Select an image to use as a mask or use the brush to paint a custom mask directly in the 2D view
    • Custom Mask - Blur: 0-1
      Blur the mask
    • Custom Mask - Invert: toggle
      Invert the mask

Usage Guide

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