Image To Material

The Image to Material template allows to generate a high-quality PBR material from a single input image.

This template has two main algorithms:

  • AI Powered
  • B2M

See below for a detailed explanation of each algorithm.


Here is an example of material channels generated from a single input image:


To change the algorithm of the Image to Material template, click on the dropdown below the template name:

AI Powered

The AI Powered algorithm uses machine learning to recognize shapes and objects and generate accurate height and normal information. This algorithm also get rid of any shadows and highlight from the albedo. 

The neural network has been only trained on outdoor materials at the moment. Other kind of materials may produce unexpected results.

This template requires specific hardware. It is available only on Windows/Linux and with an Nvidia GPU. See technical requirements.


The B2M algorithm uses the Substance based Bitmap to Material method to generate multiple channels such as base color, normal, metallic, roughness, and ambient occlusion using procedural techniques.

This algorithm may produce less accurate results but will work on a wider range of input images.

Adobe Capture

This functionnality is also available on Adobe Capture mobile app (Android and iOS). You can snap a photo on the go and get a preview of the result directly on your phone.

Easily send the results to Substance 3D Sampler for further editions.

This functionnality is only available with an Adobe Substance 3D Collection subscription.