In Adobe Substance 3D Sampler filters are the primary tool used to modify and adjust assets. Sampler includes the following types of filters:

  • Generators - introduce new elements to your material.
  • Adjustments - adjust the values of your material's channels.
  • Tools - find and fix technical issues.
  • HDRI Tools - filters that are specific to environment lights.
  • Wear and Finish - change the look and feel of your material.

It's possible to create your own filters using Adobe Substance 3D Designer - go here to find out how.

Filters can be based on different technologies:

  • Procedural filters made with Substance Designer
  • Image Processing filters made directly in C++ and/or using Artificial Intelligence

Most filters can be used on materials or images. Some filters have specific requirements in terms of channel set up - if a filter isn't working as you'd expect, look for it in the documentation to see a usage guide.