Export Window

You can export your material or your collection by opening the export panel on the right bar or by right-clicking on a collection folder.

Two sections are available in this window:

  • On the left, all settings to configure your export
  • On the right, the list of channels you can export (this list changes depending on your export preset).



This field defines the name of the material or the collection you're exporting. It will be used as a prefix in the file name of the exported files.

Destination Path & subfolder creation

Click on the field to define the destination where you want to export your material or your collection.

You have also the option to include your material or bitmap textures into a subfolder with the name of your material.


Sampler exports to a wide range of file formats. Currently supported formats are:

Bitmap format

Material format
  • EXR
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • SBS

The bit depth is forced to 16 bits for the Normal and Height channels. The other channels are exported in 8/16 bits depending on your materials and the filters you used. Depending on the file format, the bit depth can be changed as some file formats don't support high bit depth.


When exporting from Sampler, you can choose a preset to pack and name the output textures in a specific configuration.

The Default (project workflow) option is the list of all available channels of your material(s) without any preset applied.

A list of default presets are available. For more information see: Default presets.

You can create and import your preset. For more information see: Managing custom presets

Preset selection is not available when your export format is .SBSAR file. The output file is already set up to be usable in all Substance products and Substance integrations.


The resolution is set by default to the resolution you set in the global parameters of Sampler. 

If you select a different resolution, it will recompute all your material(s) with this new resolution. It may affect the final look of your material(s).

Additional information

Additional information is available like:

  • the available size on the disk you selected to export to


Default preset - Channel list

In this section, you will see all channels that can be exported (default channels and custom channels).

The default selection is based on the settings you defined in the Channel settings panel.

Adding an export preset will modify the list of channels you can export. It will display the label of each bitmap textures that will be exported. The label will be used in the file name of the bitmap texture.

Unity HDRP - Channel list