Managing custom presets

To create a custom preset, Substance Designer is needed. 

The creation of custom preset respects the same rules as creating a custom filter for Sampler. Documentation here.


Creation of the graph

Open Substance Designer and create a new Substance.

Open the graph properties and fill the following mandatory information:

  • Label: Enter the name of your custom preset that will be used in the Sampler interface
  • User Data: alchemist::type=filter

Definition of inputs and outputs


The inputs represent the material channels you want to transform before the export.

Create Input Color node (or grayscale) per material channel and add a usage in the attributes to each input node to ensure the connection is made between your material(s) and your custom preset.

Example: Definition of the Base Color input


The outputs represent the result of your texture export.

Create Output node per texture and add usage and a label in the attributes to each output node. The label will be displayed in the Channels list in the Exporter window and in the name of your texture file.

Example: Definition of the custom texture Color Opacity

Example of channel packing and channel conversion

Packing of 3 grayscale channels in one RGB texture:

Channel conversion from PBR Metallic/Roughness to PBR Specular/Glossiness:


In Sampler, you can import your custom preset directly in the Export window. Open the preset drop-down list and click on: Import presets

You can also click on Manage presets and at the bottom of the window, you have an Import Preset button.