Color Temperature Adjustment

In: HDRI Tools


Adjust the temperature of your environment light.

The images below show how the Color Temperature Adjustment filter can be used to make the light of an environment light appear warmer or cooler.


Basic parameters

  • Temperature: -1 to 1
    Modify the temperature to be cooler or warmer.
  • Magenta-Green: -1 to 1
    Modify the color on the magenta-green scale


  • Custom Mask: toggle
    Enable or disable the use of a custom mask. If enabled the following parameters appear:
    • Mask: image/brush
      Select an image to use as a mask or use the brush to paint a custom mask directly in the 2D view
    • Custom Mask - Blur: 0-1
      Blur the mask
    • Custom Mask - Invert: toggle
      Invert the mask