Warp tool

💻 Shortcut: W

🥽 Quick swap: Elastic tool

Use the Warp tool to drag, twist, and stretch clay. The Warp tool is helpful both when blocking out to create base forms and shapes, and for making small adjustments later in the creative process.

The Warp tool is particularly powerful in VR due to the 6 degrees of freedom (6dof) afforded by VR controllers. However desktop controls often allow more precise control, so whether you use the Warp tool on desktop or in VR depends on your particular needs.

The Warp tool belongs to the Warp tool gallery. With the Warp tool selected, other tools in the Warp tool gallery are available in the Palette, such as the Elastic tool.

Warp tool parameters

Brush Shape

Select the base shape for the brush

The Warp tool currently only has three brush shapes available - sphere, cube, and capsule. These do not currently have individual parameters available. 


Modify the size of the brush

Increase or decrease the size of the brush. Very large brush sizes may cause a delay between adding clay and the clay appearing.

Adjust falloff of the warp effect

Hardness determines how much the strength of the brush falls off near the edge of the brush. A low hardness value means that the edge of the warped area will connect more smoothly with the rest of your clay.

Control the amplitude of Warp tool strokesStrength modifies the impact of the Warp tool. A low strength value can be useful for finer control, while a high strength value causes clay to follow the cursor more closely.