The Scope panel

The Scope panel shows your current position in the scene hierarchy, and controls to change your scope. 

The Scope panel is currently only available on 💻desktop.

You can learn more about scope and how to navigate the Modeler scene hierarchy here.


The left side of the Scope panel always holds buttons that allow you to Scope in and Scope out.

  • The Scope out button is always available unless you are at scene scope.
  • The Scope in button requires that a scene object is selected.

You can also control your scope with other controls instead of relying purely on the Scope panel:

  • 💻 On desktop:
    • Double click on an object to scope into it.
    • Double click on empty space to scope out.
    • Use shortcut alt + s to scope out
    • While hovering over an object use shortcut s to scope into it.
  • 🥽 In VR:
    • Manage your scope with the support hand joystick.
      • Hover over an object and move the joystick up to scope into the object.
      • Move the joystick down to scope out.

Hierarchy view

The right side of the Scope panel shows your current location in the scene hierarchy. It is not possible to see the entire scene hierarchy, but with this view you can see how many layers deep you are, and what type of objects those layers are.

For example in this image:

  • The user is scoped into Layer 2.
  • Layer 2 is a child of Group 236.
  • Group 236 is a child of the Scene.

The icons show that Layer 2 is a layer, and both the Scene and Group 236 are considered to be groups.