The Palette

The Palette holds many of Modeler's tools and controls and, after the viewport, is the most frequently used part of the interface.

Each section of the Palette is dedicated to a specific purpose:

  • Tools: 
    • Select a tool.
  • Tool Parameters:
    • Adjust parameters to modify the behavior of your currently selected tool.
    • Access related tools. For example: select the Erase tool, and the Remove tool is available at the top of the Erase tool parameters.
  • File Management:
    • Quickly save and load scenes. These options only appear when your current scene has been saved once.
  • Placement Mode:
    • Change tool placement mode.
  • Snapping controls:
    • Toggle angle and grid snapping on or off.

💻 The Palette is always open and by default appears in the top left corner of the screen. You can move the Palette to the top right corner with Preferences > Desktop > Handedness.

👾 Hold the bottom button on the Support controller to access the Palette.

Tools and tool galleries

The Tools section holds the tools and tool galleries that you'll use to create your scenes and sculpts. The following tools are available:

  • Select tool
  • Clay tool
  • Erase tool
  • Warp tool gallery
  • Smooth tool
  • Inflate tool
  • Paint tool

At the bottom of the Tools section there are also file management options. These only appear once a file has been saved once.

  • Save
  • Open

Tool galleries

A Tool gallery is a collection of related tools. 

Select a tool that belongs to a tool gallery and the other tools in that gallery are available at the top of the Tool Parameters section of the Palette. 

The following Tool galleries exist in Modeler:

  • The Warp Tool Gallery holds the Warp tool and the Elastic tool.

The Tool section of the Palette shows the most recently selected tool from a given tool gallery. For example:

  • By default, the Warp tool is available in the Tool section of the Palette.
  • Select the Elastic tool from the Warp tool gallery, and the Elastic tool will become the default tool in for the Warp tool gallery. 

Adjust tool parameters

The Tool Parameters section shows options to adjust the behavior of the currently selected tool. If the currently selected tool belongs to a tool gallery, you can also select related tools in the Tool Parameters section.

Where possible, parameters are consistent across tools. However, some tools may have unique parameters. You can see an explanation for each tool's parameters here:

Select a Placement mode

The Placement section has options to change your Placement mode. Placement mode determines how the tool applies its effects within the scene.

The following Placement modes are available in Modeler:

  • Free placement
  • Gizmo placement
  • Surface placement

Free placement is only available in VR.

More information on Placement modes is available here.

Turn on snapping

The Snaps panel lets you toggle Angle and Grid snapping. These options help you be more precise with tools in Modeler.

  • Toggle Grid snap on to constrain the brush position to a grid.
  • Toggle Angle snap on to constrain the brush orientation to 90° increments. 

More information on snaps is available here.