Smooth tool

💻 Shortcut: Hold shift for temporary use

🥽 Quick swap: None

The Smooth tool allows you to smooth imperfections on the surface of your clay.

Smooth tool parameters


Modify the size of the brush

Increase or decrease the size of the brush. Very large brush sizes may cause a delay between adding clay and the clay appearing.

Toggle Lazy strokeWith Lazy stroke enabled, the stroke is dragged behind the cursor rather than appearing directly beneath it. This helps create smoother strokes and clean curves.
Toggle Steady strokeSteady stroke takes time to catch up with the cursor. Unlike Lazy stroke, Steady stroke will eventually reach the cursor. This helps create smoother strokes and clean curves.
Control how strong the smoothing effect isStrength modifies the impact of the Smooth tool. This allows you to more finely control how much of an effect the Smooth tool has on your clay.
Select the behavior mode of the Smooth tool

The Smooth tool has 3 available modes:

  • Smooth protrusions: smooths clay by removing bumps and hills on the surface.
  • Fill holes and smooth protrusions: smooths all clay.
  • Fill holes: smooths clay by filling valleys and holes in the surface.