Known bugs and issues

Many bugs can be fixed by restarting your machine. If you haven't already done so, it's often a good idea to try a restart.

We do not officially support Revive. If you are using Modeler with Revive, you are likely to experience more bugs and performance issues. Only bugs that have been reported without Revive are listed on this page.

This page lists known issues and their workarounds if available.

  • If you receive error 205 (matching the image below), try logging out of the Creative Cloud app and then logging in again before launching Modeler.
  • Using Modeler on another computer through Remote Desktop can result in odd behavior. For best results use Modeler on your local machine.
  • 💻 Navigating the scene on desktop can behave erratically if you have a tablet or display tablet connected. It should be possible to fix this issue by creating a Windows Ink profile for Modeler. Information on working with tablets is available here.
  • Sometimes Modeler will use the integrated GPU rather than the discrete GPU and refuse to start as a result.
    • To fix this issue, install or reinstall the drivers for the integrated GPU, this allows Modeler to correctly recognize both the integrated and discrete GPU and pick the correct one.