(Current Release) 2023/03/20 V1.2

Version 1.2 Release notes

This release is focused on usability improvements and some much requested features such as support for various CAD file formats. The main additions are highlighted below, or the full release notes are available further down the page.

Export improvements

The "Optimize for" dropdown has been replaced with an Adaptive factor slider. This slider allows you to control how the exporter processes your mesh to either focus on more regularly spaced polygons, or on preserving areas of high detail. 

  • A high Adaptive factor value focuses polygon density in areas of high detail.
  • A low Adaptive factor value prioritizes even polygon density.

The behavior of Export menu sliders has also been updated so that round values are easier to select, and exponential sliders like Target polygon count, are easier to use.

Imported meshes are now also included in exported files without needing to be converted to clay first. This helps speed up kitbashing and working in larger scenes that use external content.

The Target polygon count slider now remembers the polygon count, rather than the slider position, when switching between Polygon types.

A number of export bugs have also been fixed, so exporting is easier and gives better results than ever - more information is available in the Full release notes below.

Manually enter and exit VR

You can now hit Esc while in VR mode to manually switch to Desktop. This is helpful for some headsets that don't use light sensors to check whether the headset has been removed. When you manually switch to desktop mode, a button appears that allows you to manually switch back to VR again.

Non-manifold support for convert to clay

The Convert to clay feature now handles non-manifold geometry significantly better than before, and yields better results from broken meshes, saving you cleanup time.

Support for more hardware

Support has been added for Pico and the Quest Pro. Additionally controller mappings have been added for Touch controllers, Valve Index controllers, Vive wands, and a standard layout for VR controllers in general. 

Vive wands have fewer control surfaces, so while they are supported, they do not enable access to the full suite of Modelers features in VR.

Support for more CAD file formats

It's now possible to import and export STL, IGS, JT, and STEP files, making Modeler even better for 3D printing and CAD work.

Stay balanced in VR

A new "Keep upright" option has been added to spatial preferences. When enabled this keeps your scene parallel with the horizon in VR which can help with navigating the scene and avoiding motion sickness.

Save on close

Modeler now opens a save dialogue if you attempt to close with unsaved work. No more lost work!

Fixes and changes

Some features have had smaller changes and many bugs have been fixed. For a full list of all the other changes in this update, refer to the release notes below.

Full release notes


  • Added the ability to manually pause and unpause VR. To manually turn off VR, press ESC while in VR mode. While VR is paused, a button appears on desktop to re-enable VR.  
  • Convert to clay now handles both manifold and non-manifold meshes.
  • Doublesided mesh import is now supported with USD files. Doublesidedness doesn't impact converting to clay.  
  • Added an Adaptive Factor slider in the Export menu. Adjust whether to prioritize uniform triangles or concentrate polygon density in areas of high detail.  
  • Added support for Quest Pro with haptics.  
  • Added support for Pico with haptics.  
  • Added support for some CAD file formats:  
    • STL
    • IGS  
    • JT  
    • STEP 
  • Added a “Keep upright” option to Preferences > Spatial. When enabled, this keeps your scene parallel with the horizon in VR.  
  • Closing Modeler will now ask if you want to save before exiting. 


  • Improved support for VR headsets, especially Pico.  
  • Created controller mappings for:  
    • Touch controllers   
    • Valve Index controllers  
    • Standard simple VR controllers  
    • Vive wands  
  • Updated haptics to work with Quest 2 controllers.  
  • Imported meshes are now included in exports alongside clay.  
  • Improved handling of incorrectly formatted/organized USD files.  
  • Added a new stamp to the default stamp set.  
  • Improvements to decimation performance and behavior.  
  • Changed how export menu sliders work to allow more granular control.  
  • On export, moving the polygon count slider to maximum now turns off decimation which results in more accurate and faster exports.  
  • The Export menu polygon count slider now remembers the polygon count when switching between tris and quads.  
  • Export colors now defaults to false.  
  • Improved export stability and speed.  
  • Updates to various text and tooltips across the app.  
  • Updated gizmo visuals.  
  • Pressure is now enabled by default for the Buildup, Paint, Crease, and Smooth tools.  
  • Duplicating a group with hidden layers will no longer duplicate the hidden content within the group.  
  • Select all no longer selects hidden content.  
  • Quick save is now always available in VR – if the file hasn’t previously been saved, a filename will be generated. 


  • Extreme values on brush parameters no longer break brushes.   
  • The Modeler installer will now show a warning if you’re currently running another version of Modeler.  
  • Fixed an issue where orientation could be incorrect on exported files.  
  • Added missing symbols for Chinese font.  
  • Modeler is significantly less likely to crash on loading files.  
  • Fixed an issue that could cause modeler to crash on closing.  
  • Fixed an issue where grouped objects could sometimes fail to export.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a stamp from an empty layer created extra pop ups.
  • Export Selected now works properly with groups.   
  • Improved progress bar for mesh to clay operations and mesh import operations.  
  • Fixed an issue where the move tool would temporarily not work after using the split tool.  
  • Clicking “New” in the Welcome screen on opening Modeler no longer pops up a “Really reset scene?” dialog.  
  • Fixed an issue where using the preferences shortcut while a dialog was open would cause Modeler to hang.  
  • Improved Inflate tool stability – it's now less likely to cause a crash.  
  • Fixed an issue where the mirror plane could be shown incorrectly.  
  • The Gizmo is no longer drifts away from its actual position.  
  • The Convert to Clay button in the Actions menu now shows all the time, even if it’s unavailable, matching the behavior of other Actions menu options. 
  • The Web portal link on the home screen now points to the correct URL. 
  • The VR camera now starts in a more reasonable location. 
  • Fixed an issue where a tool’s visual location and actual location could become mismatched. 
  • Additions: If you open an autosave file and try to save, Modeler now treats it as a Save as action instead of overwriting the autosave. 
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a linked layer up a focus level could cause unexpected behavior.