Crease Tool

💻 Shortcut: -

🥽 Quick swap: Buildup tool

Use the Crease tool to carve valleys and creases into your clay.

Crease tool parameters

Brush Shape

Select the base shape for the brush

Currently only the sphere brush is available.


Modify the size of the brush

Increase or decrease the size of the brush. Very large brush sizes may cause a delay between modifying clay and the operation completing.

Control the how much the tool affects the clayAdjust how deep or tall the crease tool effect impacts the clay surface.
Toggle pressure sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity allows you to dynamically adjust the scale of clay as you draw out your strokes.

  • 🥽 Vary the amount of pressure you apply to the tool hand trigger during your stroke.
  • 💻 Pressure sensitivity works best with a pressure sensitive pen and tablet. 
Toggle Lazy strokeWith Lazy stroke enabled, the stroke is dragged behind the cursor rather than appearing directly beneath it. This helps create smoother strokes and clean curves.
Toggle Steady strokeSteady stroke takes time to catch up with the cursor. Unlike Lazy stroke, Steady stroke will eventually reach the cursor. This helps create smoother strokes and clean curves.
Switch between additive and subtractiveThe Crease tool currently defaults to additive mode which creates a ridge rather than a crease. Switch mode to create creases instead.