2022/10/18 V1.0


  • Improvements to “Warp spray” issue where surface artifacts could be introduced while using the Warp tool. Fixes for this issue are still ongoing, but it should happen less frequently in this build.
  • UI Padding fixes.
  • Using tab to quickly switch between a tool and it’s subtool will now be reflected properly in the Palette. For example, switching from Warp to the Elastic tool will update the Palette to match.
  • Fixed background issue with the Split tool when it deleted a layer.
  • Fixed a visual stretching issue with the wallpaper texture used for linked layers.
  • Various code cleanup.
  • Fixed an issue where Welcome screen buttons would stop working if the File > Open was used.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting in full screen mode could cause Gizmo and other input problems.
  • Spline brush parameters should no longer have as extreme an effect on the size of the brush.
  • Fixed an issue where switching orientation and placement modes could result in the brush being disconnected from the gizmo.
  • Added strength slider back to the Elastic tool.
  • G shortcut will no longer change placement mode while using the Select tool.