Using Workflows

Under Workflows, you can choose or create render presets for Substance outputs. These presets are shader networks for a renderer such as Arnold or Vray.  

Workflow Preset Locations

/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<maya version>/substance/workflows/generated
/home/<username>/maya/<maya version>/substance/workflows/generated

To use a Workflow, simply choose the preset from the drop down list and then click the Create Shader Network button. 

Creating a Workflow

You can create your own workflow and add it to the Renderer Workflow list. When adding a new workflow, any nodes created after the Substance node will be saved in the workflow. This allows you to create any number of shading nodes to build a complete custom shader network that can be saved as a preset workflow.


Saving a Workflow

  1. Manually create Substance outputs and connect them to a material such as aiStandardSurface. 
    1. You can use any Maya or render specific nodes to build the shader network
  2. Click the Add New Workflow button and enter a name for the workflow preset