This page show how to use the roughness/metallic outputs for Toolbag 2.

Toolbag supports both the specular/glossiness and  metallic/roughness workflows.

Substance 3D Painter uses the metallic PBR shader as default, however, you can also use with specular/glossiness shader. This workflow will show how to use the metallic outputs for Toolbag 2. Toolbag supports the metallic workflow.

Download Example Scene

Export from Painter

  1. When using the default metallic PBR shader, we can export using the default Document channels + Normal + AO export preset. *Document channels exports Normal Map based on Project Configuration. Toolbag requires OGL Normal map. You can switch the Normal Format in the Project Configuration.
  2. Alternatively, you can create a custom export config that uses glossiness

  3. You can change the Normal Format to OpenGL before exporting. Edit>Project Configuration

Material Setup

  1. Set Reflectivity to Metalness
  2. Set Reflection to GGX
  3. Add the textures to the appropriate channels as shown in the following chart:

    Substance 3D Painter Texture
    Toolbag Material
    Base ColorsRGBAlbedo
    RoughnesssRGB OffMicrosurface - Gloss - Click Invert
    MetallicsRGB OffReflectivity - Metalness Map
    NormalsRGB OffNormal
    Ambient OcclusionsRGB OffOcclusion