Redshift - Substance Painter

Substance Painter 2020.1 (6.1.0) supports Redshift Output Templates for metallic/roughness (rsMaterial). You can simply export using the Redshift template to produce textures that are compatible with Redshift materials. 


Redshift Material Setup

Substance Painter ExportRedshift Material
ColorDiffuse / Color
RoughnessReflection / Roughness (BRDF = GGX)
MetalnessReflection / Metalness
(Fresnel Type = Metalness)
NormalOverall / Bump Map / rsBumpMap
(Input Map Type = Tangent Space Normal - Height Scale = 1.0)
DisplaceHeightFieldDisplacement Shader / rsDisplacement TexMap
(Map Encoding = Height Field)
EmissionColorOverall / Emission
(Emission Weight = 1.0)

Maps that represent data will need to be interpreted correctly. Please see the Color Management page for more information.

Maya / Redshift example