Maya 2.0.3

The 2.0.3 version of the plugin is now released on the website.

* VRay workflow now sets the Vray Material to use roughness
* Updated some links to new substance3d site.
* Added the Substance Engine version to about menu
* Added scripting commands to query the Substance Engine version
* $pixelsize input no longer crashes
* Value inputs set in Designer are now visible on the node, like image inputs
* Redshift workflow script now sets brdf to ggx and the bump node to use tangent space normals
* New Renderman workflow script to better match expected use
* The substanceSetWorkflow command now correctly takes a string argument
* Added support for Maya 2020

2.0.3 is currently released for Maya 2018, Maya 2019 and Maya 2020 on Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is also released for Maya LT 2018, Maya LT 2019 and Maya LT 2020 on Windows and MacOS.