Maya 0.9.11

Maya 2.0 changes:

  • Dynamic attributes from graph now created natively, not through attribute editor code
  • Substance nodes can be created in batch as they’re initialized without needing UI input
  • Attribute editor and properties editor significantly more stable
  • Memory performance improved significantly, enough to enable 8k outputs on GPU engine
  • Settings/preferences now saved as a separate configuration file that can easily be edited outside of Maya


  • Strong scripting API, with any operation from grabbing input, graph and output information, to loading sbsar packages, changing graph and performing any preset operation in the preset manager
  • UI code designed to use the same functions as the public scripting API

Substance Features:
Preset support:

  • Embedded presets set in designer are loaded into preset manager
  • Import and export sbsprs files, including multiple presets
  • Preset manager
  • Engine V7 Support
  • Already works with new Substance engine to be released with Designer 2019.1
  • Numeric outputs are rendered to a maya output attribute on the
  • Graph/substance node, which can be plugged into other nodes in the hypershade

Workflow system:

  • New workflows for Arnold, Renderman, VRay, Corona and more
  • Custom workflow extensions in Python
  • Reverse workflow scripts out of the hypershade, set up a custom workflow once and save it off
  • Use a workflow with image maps from Substance Painter

UI and UX improvements:

  • File -> import .sbsar creates a substance node
  • Drag and drop sbsar files from file browser to hypershade to create substance 2 nodes
  • Attributes are now laid out by the categories set in Designer

Other improvements:

  • Image inputs now work with procedural nodes
  • Can now set the sampling rate for procedural nodes to be able to down or up-sample procedural image inputs
  • Output nodes now display output information encoded in Substance Designer
  • Substance/graph nodes now can display graph information (author, etc.)
  • Layer override support, such as connection overrides and attribute overrides
  • Cache to disk choses exr file type for any HDR outputs, which are outputs with 16-bit, 16-float or 32-bit float outputs
  • Reflection from the old plugin
  • Loading a scene with the new plugin will convert old graph and output nodes to substance 2 nodes