Creating thumbnails

The format accepted for the filters, texture generators and mesh-based generators is the SBSAR.

As a main thumbnail, we only allow square static images which are 1k pixels large or more (.PNG with transparent background). 

Please follow these guidelines for the creation of the filter’s thumbnail, in order to keep the platform clear and coherent.  

Uploading a Filter

You can use the attached .PSD file as a template or use this as a model. The goal is to represent the action of the filter on a simple image. You can for example show a checkerboard or cells in a state of before – after.  

If there is no before – after renders possible please stay as close as possible to these guidelines, by using a circle when possible and by always uploading a square image. You can take the filters in Substance Designer’s library as examples. Please do not use any logo or image you do not own as an input, including Substance or Adobe logos. 

On top of the mandatory thumbnail, you can add any additional image you like. 

Example: Normal Map filter (Sobel) from Nicolas Wirrmann (link)

Uploading a Texture Generator

As a main thumbnail use a square image of the output from your generator, taking the full space of the image. 

You can take the generators in Substance Designer’s library as examples. 

Please do not use any logo or image you do not own as an input, including Substance 3D or Adobe logos.

Example: Diamond Plate from Juan Hoyos, uploaded on the legacy version of Substance Share (link

Uploading a Mesh Based Generator

As a main thumbnail always use the thumbnail which is created when you import you filter in Substance 3D Painter.

You will need to import your mesh-based generator in Substance 3D Painter, as a generator. A thumbnail will be automatically created for the new resource in your shelf. 

You will need to hover over the thumbnail so a bigger image appears, and take a screenshot of it. You can then crop it to a square image and to remove the grey background.

You now have your final image! 

Example: SP 1 MG Grease by Allegorithmic (link)