Transferred Texture from Mesh

The Transferred texture from mesh baker allows to convert a texture from one a mesh to another based on their respective UVs. This baker also supports the transfer or normal maps (which require special conversions). In order to work, both meshes need UV definitions.

Available in :

  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Automation Toolkit


Texture File

Path to the input texture file that will be transferred.

UV SetMesh UVs to use on the high-poly mesh to read the texture and project it onto the low-poly mesh.
Filtering Mode

Defines how the pixel interpolation of the texture should be done.

Possible values:

  • Nearest: No interpolation, use the closest pixel found to a given position. Precise but can create aliasing.
  • Bilinear (default): Use the four nearest pixels to a given position. No aliasing but can be blurry.
Normal MapIf enabled, indicates to the baker that the input texture to transfer is a normal map. This indicates the baker to apply special conversions to the texture to make it compatible with the target mesh.
Map Type

Defines what type of normal map the input texture is.

Possible values:

  • World Space
  • Tangent Space (default)
Normal Orientation

Defines the normal format of the input texture if Map Type is set to Tangent Space.

Possible values:

  • OpenGL
  • DirectX (default)