Position map from Mesh

The Position map from mesh baker computes the location of the high-poly mesh geometry and save into a texture. It is similar to the base position baker but can produce more accurate results.

Available in:

  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Automation Toolkit



Controls which information will be computed into the position texture.

Possible values:

  • All axes: Bakes the position of the X, Y, and Z axes into the RGB channels of the output texture.
  • One axis: Bakes a single axis into the output texture as a grayscale image.

Defines which axis should be computed if the Mode parameter is set to One axis.

Normalization Type

Defines how to scale the position values per axis.

Possible values:

  • BBox: normalize each axis according to the mesh volume (bounding box length).
  • BSphere: normalize all axes according to the mesh volume radius (bounding sphere).
Normalization Scale

Defines how to scale the position values based on the mesh.

Possible values:

  • Per Material: values are scaled to be between 0 and 1 for each material (Texture Set).
  • Full Scene (default): values are scaled to take the whole mesh into account. This allows continuous position values across objects and materials (Texture Sets).