Color Map from Mesh

This Color Map from mesh baker projects color properties from a high definition mesh into a texture. It can be used to bake polypaint or material IDs to create selection masks.

Available in:

  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Automation Toolkit
  • Substance Painter


Color Source

Controls from which property of the high-poly mesh the color generation should be based on.

Possible values:

  • Vertex Color: reads the vertex color save it into the texture. Color are interpolated from vertex to vertex.
  • Material Color: reads the material color assigned to a polygon face.
  • Mesh ID: assign a color per object found.
  • Polygroup / Submesh ID: assign a color per sub-object (also called element).
Color Generator

Defines how the color is generated when the Color Source is set to Mesh ID or Polygroup/Submesh ID.

Possible values:

  • Random: each object or sub-object is colored by a randomly generated color.
  • Hue Shift: each object or sub-object is colored by a unique color based on a hue.
  • Grayscale: each object or sub-object is colored by a unique grayscale value.