Baker output is fully black or empty


The result of a baker is a black or empty texture:


A black texture means the baker wasn't able to find the information required to output a result. For example the baking process didn't find the high-poly mesh to match with the low-poly resulting in nothing to compare against.


  • Verify if the high-poly mesh necessary for the baker was properly loaded (refer to the log file/window for any errors).
  • Verify that the low-poly or high-poly meshes are not too big (more than a kilometer) or too small (less than a centimeter).
  • Verify if the baker was able to read/process the mesh (refer to the log file/window for any errors).
  • Verify if the Matching by Name feature was not properly setup (some objects may exclude each other and never overlap).
  • Verify that the low-poly UVs are within the 0-1 range.