Ambient Occlusion

The Ambient Occlusion baker allows to bake an ambient shadow texture. This baker uses a fast algorithm executed on the GPU.

Available in:

  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Automation Toolkit
  • This baker may not be supported on old GPUs.
  • Baking at high resolution on low-end / mobile GPUs can lead to a crash.


Normal MapInput normal map file that can be used to provide additional geometry details on the surface of the mesh to be taken into account during the baker computation. This parameter is optional.
World Space

If enabled, specify that the input normal map is in World Space (instead of Tangent Space). If no input normal map is provided, this parameters is ignored/disabled.

Invert NormalCompute the ambient occlusion map with inverted normals (can be used to generate a thickness map).
Use Unselected Mesh PartsUse unselected mesh parts of the mesh to bake the ambient occlusion map.

Choose the quality of the Ambient Occlusion map. A higher quality is slower to compute.

Available values:

  • Low (3 pass)
  • Medium (default, 5 pass)
  • High (10 pass)
  • Very High (16 pass)
Precision BiasPrecision of the ambient occlusion. A lower value will give a higher precision, but can produce bigger artefacts.
Distance FadeSpread of the ambient occlusion.